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Find Your Perfect Cornish Escape

Discover your ideal Cornish getaway with our selection of lodges in Cornwall at the Hamlet Lodge Retreat & Calloose Holiday Park, each offering a unique retreat experience. Whether you're drawn to the indulgence of a lodges with hot tubs & private sauna or the serene views that greet you each morning, we have something for everyone. Nestled on the same picturesque grounds, Calloose and The Hamlet Lodge Retreat cater to diverse preferences and budgets. Choose the setting that speaks to your sense of adventure and relaxation.

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Hamlet Lodge Retreat

Seek tranquility at The Hamlet Lodge Retreat. Our exclusive lodges feature private saunas and hot tubs for a serene, luxury escape in Cornwall's beautiful setting.

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Calloose Holiday Park

Enjoy family adventures at Calloose, where our lodges provide a comfortable base for exploring local beaches and on-site fun, including a lively pool and entertainment.t. It's easy  to make it your own.

Our Lodges

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